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Make It,Bake It,Gather It,Grow It

Like many other organizations funds are tight, and we need to raise money for a new dishwasher, as well as a few other kitchen improvements and building repairs. The lack of a properly functioning dishwasher is causing problems for the operation of the kitchen. Vendors depend on the kitchen for preparing their products and we plan to have pop-up or permanent food service available during market hours. The kitchen is needed to generate income to help pay our rent.

We appreciate any help you can give!

Year Round

Saturday 8am-2pm | Sunday 10am-3pm


Wednesday 3pm to 7pm

2600 Koyl Avenue, Saskatoon SK, S7L 5X9

The Saskatoon Farmers' Market is a member-owned, non-profit cooperative that has been running since 1975. Our year-round market connects Saskatoon residents and visitors with the producers of high quality & local agricultural products, baking, prepared foods, crafts, and diverse goods. 



Since 1975, Saskatoon Farmers’ Market vendors Make It, Bake It, Gather It, or Grow It for everything they sell. 


Our vendor list changes seasonally, please check our Facebook Or Instagram posts Friday night the weekend's vendor list 


Sponsor an SFM project & help us build the farmers' market of the future.


"I’ve been coming to the Farmers Market since I was a little kid. It’s still the best place to pick up local food and produce. I have so many treasures around my house from there"

D. Newman

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