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Terry's Old Fashioned Pies & Jams

Terry Wiik

Terry has been selling pies, jams and jellies like Grandma used to make for thirty years.  The rolling pin inherited from Grandma made the first pies sold at the market and is still in use today!


Locally grown fruit is used in her pies, jams and jellies as much as possible.  Pies and jams are  available made with Saskatoon berries, apples, strawberries, raspberries and rhubarb in many combinations.  Chokecherry jelly and crab-apple jelly are also popular.

Frozen unbaked pies are also available.

Year-Round Vendor


Simply Delicious

Val Beleznay

Everything you need to keep your sweet tooth happy including spudnuts and puffed wheat squares.


Catherwood Organics

Betty & Les Hamm

Betty and Les Hamm, owners and operators at Catherwood Organics, raise grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-based pork, free-range chickens, ducks, and turkeys. "We can tell you exactly what our animals eat because we raise them ourselves and they eat the certified organic products that we grow on our farm." Come on down to the Saskatoon Farmers' Market and let us be your new favourite one-stop meat shop. 


Donna Piasta

Flavourful little cheesecakes in milk chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, salted caramel, M&M minis, mint chocolate, Reese's Pieces minis, peanut butter pie, orange creamsicle, cinnamon roll, Oreo cookie, red velvet, black forest, lemon creamsicle

Year-Round Vendor



Kapusta & Kake

Pat Zip

Perogies, cabbage rolls, baking, sauerkraut and borscht.

Year-Round Vendor


Freshly roasted coffee, ginger drinks and ginger products.

Year-Round Vendor



Myron Kutyanskyy

Myroslav Kutyanskyy

Myron has a variety of vegetables - fresh, pickling, fermented, fresh and frozen fruit and berries.  He also has perogies, potatoes and cabbage rolls.


Rosemary Bakery & Kitchen

Tetiana Morozova


Simpkins Market Garden

Dixon, Rob & Audrey Simpkins and Jennifer Lockie

Simpkins Market Garden is a family owned and operated market garden that has been providing Saskatoon with a wide range of quality produce since 1909.  They are strong believers in providing customers with the freshest, best tasting produce possible.  The Simpkins motto is "Select Varieties, Quality Flavour".  You need to try their extra sweet carrots, available only at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market.


Country Lane Market

Barb Unruh & Henry Unruh

Country Lane Market is 20km outside of Saskatoon - "Bringing Our Small Farm Products to the City".

Fresh free run eggs, preserves, baking , and sewing year-round.

Bedding plants, fresh fruit, and veggies seasonally.

Year-Round Vendor


Linda Boyle & Gary Boyle

Are you nuts about nuts? Gary offers a wide variety of different nuts for your enjoyment, and Linda makes perfect toffee. You're sure to have a fun experience at the Market when you stop by Gary & Linda's booth! 

Seasonal Vendor - Spring/Summer/Fall



Donna Hepfner

Using tried and true family recipes, Donna brings a wide range of delectable home baking to the Market, including bread, buns, cinnamon buns, kuchen, cakes, cookies, loaves, pies, squares, tarts, vinarterta, peppernuts, brownies, and more!  

Year-Round Vendor



Kristen Hepfner

Kristen uses traditional canning techniques "Just like Grandma Made It"!  Offering both traditional and original recipes that are treats to enjoy.

Year-Round Vendor




Vivian Ryma & Van Mostowchuk

Vivian brings her jam, jelly and pickles. Vivian and Van bring vegetables in season as well as many sewn and crocheted items like towels dishcloths, aprons, oven mitts, baby accessories, and recycled jean creations

Year-Round Vendor


Leygnna Romero & Victor Urbaez

Delicious fresh Venezuelan food. Tequenos, pastelitos, and cakes. Fresh & frozen. 

*currently only available through the Virtual Market



Tasty Specialty Foods

Jean Krysak & Helen Kons

Tasty Specialty Foods has been a proud member of the Market for 30 years!  Jean has a wide variety of goodies for you.  There is a baking table that features items such as scones, butter tarts, muffins, loaves, cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, pies and more.  The pies are made from canola-based, non-hydrogenated shortening, which is also 100% cholesterol free.  In the "Pickle Pantry" you'll find at least 15 different kinds of pickles and relishes, as well as, we feel, the best Saurkraut in Western Canada!  Tasty Specialty Foods also offers various flavors of perogies, rice, and vegetarian cabbage rolls.   We look forward to serving you!  Keep your eye out for occasional sales and specials at the booth.

*Currently only in the Virtual Farmers Market

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Gramma Pat’s Preserves

Pat Gittings

Sweet and spicy pepper jellies.

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