Tracy and Regan Sloboshan 

Original Family Farm has been raising bison and chicken to produce quality meat for many years. Regan and Tracy are members of the Canadian Bison Association, and are proud to raise grass fed bison on their family farm. They offer a wide selection of fresh and frozen buffalo meat cuts, from tenderloin steak to muscle jerky. Original Family Farm chickens are known to be flavorful and tender roasting chickens. Now offering a completely antibiotic free bird! Heat and eat meals also available - bison and chicken pot pies, lasagna, more good stuff. 


Kathleen Barton

Golden Prairie Wild Boars are raised free range on the plains of Saskatchewan. They allow their wild boars to behave naturally by having their young outside in a nest they have prepared themselves out of straw and grass.  The products provided by Golden Prairie Wild Boar are: Ham Roasts, Ham Steaks, Burgers, Chops, Tender Loin, Neck Bones, Hocks & Ham Hocks, Loin Steaks, Regular & Garlic Sausage, Apple & Maple Sausage, Liver, Heart, Kidney, Tongue, Ground Wild Boar Meat, Shoulder Roast & Loin Roast, Side& Back Ribs, Riblets, Cutlets, Maple Flavored Side Bacon, Back Bacon, Cubed Meat, Pepperoni Sticks, Honey & Garlic Kebabs.


Benlock Farms

Tom and Shawnda Blacklock

Tom Blacklock is a registered Angus breeder. His family have been raising Angus beef at Benlock Farms since 1910. Tom and his wife Shawnda, a converted city-girl, have a deep passion for what they do. As Tom says “Our black cows are mostly green!” They are deeply committed to providing the highest quality of items. This family operation has made a big name for itself with many local restaurants, especially with their Wagyu Kobe beef.


Betty Hamm

Betty and Les Hamm, owners and operators at Catherwood Organics, raise grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-based pork, free-range chickens, ducks, and turkeys. "We can tell you exactly what our animals eat because we raise them ourselves and they eat the certified organic products that we grow on our farm." Come on down to the Saskatoon Farmers' Market and let us be your new favourite one-stop meat shop. 



John Wipf and Mark Wipf

Sovereign Valley Farms established in April 2020.  what makes it so special is the product we sell. We raise and we feed what we grow. so we know what goes in the grain that our pigs eat. there are no meds or antibiotics pumped into the pig to make it grow faster just as natural as you can get... the products you buy at Sovereign Valley Farms are all  Grade A Products.



Jordan Lohneis 

As a Red Seal Chef Jordan Lohneis spent many years learning and honing his craft. He trained for two years under renowned chefs in England and developed a passion for creating culinary experiences that are both sustainable and joyful. In 2016 he left the confines of a restaurant kitchen and launched The Pig & Pantry – a craft butchery that maintains a nose-to-tail philosophy to make its products.
Our mission is simply to bring local and sustainably raised meats to the people of Saskatoon and surrounding area.  Specializing in more than the basic cut & wrap style of butchery, lunch items, as well as catering services and sausage making classes, our products include artisanal sausages, chops and roasts. You can contact us to find out where to find our products or to inquire about us catering your next event.
The majority of our products are bold in flavor, using seasonings that are inspired by dining traditions from around the world. We source from local growers, farmers and producers whenever possible, and cultivate meaningful relationships with each one of them.

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