Veggie Samosa

Khadiija Maadey & Halima Mohammed

Enjoy fresh vegetable samosa as well as dips and sauces.


Trent Loewen

Savory and sweet pies. Chutneys, relishes, condiments, pickles.

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Chatty's Indian Spices Inc. 

PK Chattopadhyay & Arati Chattopadhyay

Chatty's Indian Spices offers a unique blend of authentic gourmet Indian spice blends and chutneys in an attractive package.  Their items have all been tested in recipes.  The versatility and convenience of their items make it easier for you to use.  They want to say "thank you so much for trying it!"


AuroraStar Health

Tempest Besse

Gluten free, dairy free, vegan choices. Soups, salad dressings, crackers, baked goods, sauces, vegan treats.

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Taste of Syria

Wafaa Al Soua & Badie Al Souad  

Syrian cookies and pastries


Bannock Heart from the Bannock Cart

Doug Hyndford

Chef Doug Hyndford has spent years as executive chef of Wanuskewin Heritage Park, 2 of SIGA’s casinos, as well as hotels, conference centres, and resorts. Chef Doug is trained in classical French haute cuisine at the Pacific Institute of the Culinary Arts, obtained his Red Seal Journeyman’s certification and finally his certified chef de cuisine designation. Chef used his skills in developing First Nation’s cuisine while working within First Nation’s organizations.

Chef Doug is a member of the Peepeekisis first nation, as well as descending from Scottish/Welsh ancestry. Doug has traded in his chef jacket for a Metis sash and converted a hotdog cart into his mobile bannock cart where he serves up bannock cooked on a stick over the flame on his BBQ. Adding a variety of wood chips to the flame for added smoke flavor, with a variety of jams, maple syrup or cinnamon/sugar to top your personal bannock on a stick.


Cultural Creations

Eleanor Lutz

All Ukrainian food!  Some heat and serve, others frozen and need to cook.  All delicious!


Leygnna Romero & Victor Urbaez

Delicious fresh Venezuelan food. Tequenos, pastelitos, and cakes. Fresh & frozen. 

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Traditionally Saskatchewan

Mary Gardipy

Delious dehydrated soups, beef, chicken, microgreens, egg noodles, sweetgrass, sage, peppermint, dried bannock mix, eggs. Wild herbs gathered. 


Riad Ammari

Makroots, Bradj, Tooues bread, mnajeb, Sable, Baklawa, Choclat Squares, Khfef

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Saada & Alaa Seif Aldeen

Stuffed pastries, cheese pies, spinach pies, stuffed grape leaves, middle eastern dessert. 



Nile R. Café

Ebtsam Elsheikh

You'll find a wide variety of hand made items and delicious Middle Eastern ethnic food at River Nile!  Falafels, samposa, flat bread, sweet potato bread, and baklava are some of the amazing foods you'll be able to purchase.  For hand made items, there are baby hats, booties, head bands, backpacks, and many other unique pieces.



Victoria Tannous

Vicky makes a delicious red lentil soup in a vegetable broth.  This vegan soup is gluten-free, nut-free and peanut free; and she uses no preservatives. It is also a good source of protein and fiber. 


Barry Jones

Barry and Rosanne started Kettle Korn in 2003, originally focusing on the traditional sweet and salty treat. Today, they sell a variety of tasty kernels including: Original Kettle Korn, Salt Kettle Korn, Kandy Korn, and Karamel Korn. Kettle Korn is hand popped in a large kettle, fresh on site, with no preservatives. It’s gluten free, vegan friendly, low calorie and free of saturated fat. In 2013, Barry and Rosanne added the popular “Big Squeeze” Fresh Fruit Shakers to their product line. Flavours include Lemon, Sour Cherry, Strawberry and more.



Hania Nahachewsky

Fresh & dried artisanal pasta made with ingredients sourced from local producers.

They also have sauces and pestos to compliment the pasta. 

Pre-orders are accepted (and encouraged), as well as bulk orders.  

If your organization is doing fundraising, Prairie Pasta can assist.

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Dex Eniceo

siomai- steamed pork dumpling, bbq skewers, siopao-steamed pork meat bun

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Tropical Treatz

Nagarajan Alagarsamy

East Indian tea, rolled Indian styled ice cream, juices, dosa, banana and coconut chips, fresh sugarcane juice, fresh coconut water.

2600 Koyl Avenue

Saskatoon, SK


Tel: 306-384-6262

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