Country Lane Market is 20km outside of Saskatoon - "Bringing Our Small Farm Products to the City".

Fresh free run eggs, preserves, and baking year-round.

Bedding plants, fresh fruit, and veggies seasonally.

Barb Unruh & Henry Unruh

Country Lane Market


Simpkins Market Garden is a family owned and operated market garden that has been providing Saskatoon with a wide range of quality produce since 1909.  They are strong believers in providing customers with the freshest, best tasting produce possible.  The Simpkins motto is "Select Varieties, Quality Flavour".  You need to try their extra sweet carrots, available only at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market.

Dixon, Rob & Audrey Simpkins and Jennifer Lockie

Simpkins Market Garden


Kaleidoscope Vegetable Gardens grows a wide variety of vegetables near Dundurn.  Their focus is on specialty vegetables, such as Pimientos de Padron, different varieties of eggplants and tomatillos, Hungarian peppers,  bell peppers, husk cherries, heirloom tomatoes, and more.  Other products include herbs, radishes, greens, turnips, etc.  All products are grown outdoors or in unheated cold frames. Rumor has it that Kaleidoscope makes the best "Baba Ghanouj" in Saskatoon during eggplant season.

Adi Ramachandran & Jennifer Menat

Kaleidoscope Vegetable Garden


Eagle Creek Colony is located just outside of Asquith. They produce a wide variety of fresh field produce in small and bulk quantities.

David Wurz & John Wurz & Family

Eagle Creek Hutterite Colony

grandora gardens.png

Since 1991, Pat & Fred Gittings have been helping their customers "Taste the Difference".  They bring greenhouse-fresh vegetables to tables around Saskatchewan.  Always seeking to promote the benefits of local food, they participate in the Saskatoon Farmers' Market as well as supply their produce to the Saskatoon Co-Op food stores.  Their biological control program uses "good bugs to eat the bad bugs", delivering non-chemical, natural produce straight to your kitchen.  Always ready with a smile and a recipe, they can be found every weekend at the Saskatoon Farmers' Market.  Pat & Fred produce long english and mini cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, chili peppers (fresh and dried), and lettuce (Spring and Fall).  Stop by and taste the difference local food makes!  

Fred & Pat Gittings

Grandora Gardens


K-5 Market Farm Products sells the bounty of Saskatchewan’s north, “Mother Nature’s Super Fruit”, including natural wild berries, blueberries, lingon berries, raspberries, Saskatoon berries, cranberries, strawberries and rhubarb.

Tony Kustiak

K-5 Farms


Myron has a variety of vegetables - fresh, pickling, fermented, fresh and frozen fruit and berries.  He also has perogies, potatoes and cabbage rolls.

Myroslav Kutyanskyy

Myroslav Kutyanskyy


Seasonal fiddleheads from northern Saskatchewan.

very seasonal

Brian Giesbrecht


Vegetables. Herbs, microgreens. 

Mark Diakiv

Renegade Gardens


Vivian brings her jam, jelly and pickles. Vivian and Van bring vegetables in season as well as many sewn and crocheted items like towels dishcloths, aprons, oven mitts, baby accessories, and recycled jean creations

Vivian Ryma & Van Mostowchuk

VivVans Crafts


Garlic, garlic and more garlic!

Bud Prete

Prete's Produce


Over a decade ago, Wally and Gail gave up their acreage outside of Saskatoon to try urban growing. While lower volume, there are many benefits to city growing:  the season is longer, it requires less equipment, and there are less pests and wind to manage. Wally’s Market Garden produces 10-15 high quality organic crops, and is famous for its specialty garlic and shallots. They also grow a wide variety of other produce, including: lettuce, spinach, green onions, potatoes, carrots and fresh herbs.

Wally Satzewich & Gail Vandersteen

Wally's Market Garden


Local organic strawberries.

Raina Cross

Raina Cross Holistic Nutrition


Looking for Saskatchewan-grown vegetables year-round? Siblings Chris and Rachel Buhler built this greenhouse on their family’s century farm to produce tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce and herbs.  In 2007, they won the grand prize in the BioVenture Challenge for their “innovative business plan” to “enhance Saskatchewan’s bioeconomy”. They choose varieties based on taste and colour.

Chris Buhler & Rachel Buhler

Floating Gardens


Max Produce is a Leroy area producer, growing chemical free fresh produce.  Neil has been an active gardener for many years, and is taking the plunge to turn his hobby into a full-time venture.  Along with a wide variety of traditional vegetables, including: potatoes, peas, beans, and sweet corn, they will soon market husk cherries, tomatillos, and eggplant.

Neil Reimer

Max Produce 


Gail has been a member of the Farmers' Market since the 1980's!  At this booth, you'll find a full line of bedding plants, vegetable plants, hanging baskets, and patio pots.  "Flowers make life more beautiful".  When the vegetables arrive, Gail's son and daughter-in-law join her at the booth.  They carry a large line of vegetables, specializing in cabbage and brussel sprouts.  "Linking health and agriculture".

Gail Medernach & Brandy Medernach

G&R Gardens / Gail's Greenhouse


Peggy's Guarden strives to bring the freshest and best tasty produce for their great customers.  The farm is located 20km east of Saskatoon.  They grow heirloom variety vegetables whenever possible, and the land has never been sprayed.  Members of the Saskatoon Farmers' Market for over 15 years!

Chris & Wanetta Dunlop 

Peggy's Garden


Jordan grows a variety of vegetables on his family farm north west of Rosthern.

Jordon Regier

Meadow Lane   


Garden greens, vegetables, microgreens

Sandy Campbell

SC Gardens and Greens


Located near Outlook, Spring Creek Garden is a third generation, family-owned and operated business.  They have been a member of the Saskatoon Farmers' Market for almost 30 years and are committed to providing local and fresh produce to their customers, and strive to provide a consistent supply of a wide variety of vegetables.  Watch for occasional sales & specials provided at the booth.

Chelsea, Daniel & Don Erlandson

Spring Creek Garden


Heirloom veggies and eggs

Shane Wurtz

Farmer Shane


Pick a Peck Market Gardens are year round vegetable producers with a large variety of garden produce. All produce is grown chemical free.

Chance & Corrine Simpkins 

Pick a Peck


WorldAway Farm grows all veggies, fruits, and flowers themselves without the use of chemical fertilizer, herbicides, or pesticides.

Lynn & Bill Lemisko

World Away Farms


Fresh locally grown produce.

Joanne Simpkins

Simpkins Family Farm

2600 Koyl Avenue

Saskatoon, SK



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